One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges is It was originally called but in 2017, it changed its name to

  • Great tradingview
  • VIP Tiered fee schedule
  • Yield farming
  • No KYC for required to start trade

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally is, founded in the year 2013. Initially, it was named by its then CEO Lin Han. Unfortunately, there was a hacking of 7,000 bitcoins in the year 2015, which shook its base entirely. Then in 2017, it closed its domain. But slowly, with the USA investment and by dropping fiat trading, rebranded in the market as, and after that, there was no looking backward.’s registration address is in Virginia, USA. It is a part of the Gate technology Inc. corporation but doesn’t have any official license. The user interface is modified to work in English, Japanese, and Chinese. It is amongst the most significant 20 companies with more than a hundred types of coins available. There are more than 300 currency combinations, and trading operations are enormous in number. 

One thing you must realize is that this exchange completely lacks fiat currencies. Therefore, the minimum investment for the account depends on which currency you are choosing. For example, the minimum investment for bitcoin is 0.0001 BTC. has joined hands with Tradingview to improve its charting features, indicators, and tools for drawing. Now the users can change the time frames, can add chart indicators, and set alerts. Though the interface sometimes does not work correctly, still it focuses on the price action. In addition, the interface is designed to do technical analysis with a more remarkable cart window. has also been famous for providing charting tools and information for effectively trading altcoins, DeFi tokens, and stable coins. Via crypto investments, it also offers HODL earnings. It also provides an option to borrow other cryptocurrency assets by pledging another crypto asset. 

How to create a account?

If you wish to create an account with, you just need to follow a few simple steps. signup page
  1. To create an account, type the website name correctly and open the home page
  1. Click on the New user sign-up present on the home page
  2. Provide a username, password, email ID, Fund password, and captcha code to create an account successfully.
  3. Then an email will be sent for verification. On confirming your account setup is complete.

Next, you have to verify your KYC in the following way-

  1. Log in to your account present on the home page next to the sign-up option. Fill in your username and password.
  2. Verify your account with any government-issued ID like driver’s license, passport, identity card, etc. 
  3. Keep the same similar to that on the submitted document.
  4. Within half an hour to 12 hours, your verification process will be completed by the team.


Security is a key feature of any cryptocurrency exchange. There are various risks of breaching privacy and information through hacks when you deal with such a high amount of money. For this security reason only, was once closed in 2017. 

But after some good quality US investment and robust security measures, they improved their authoritative value. Also, in 2019 there was a hack report of 4,200 ethereum coins worth about $271,500. But fortunately, the funds were returned safely to the exchange, and security has been tighter than ever. has been integrated with many industry-standard security protocols so that funds of the customers and exchanges are kept safe. The various services present in are-

  1. Two-factor authentication(2FA) with the help of Google authenticator
  2. SMS 2FA
  3. Login verifications
  4. Additional fund withdrawal password
  5. Anti-phishing code
  6. Blind IP logos

They do not use the famous ‘Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)’ protection but ensures the funds are kept safe by utilizing cold and hot wallets joined with other security handiwork. Though it has KYC verification, it still does not regulate the customers’ exchanges, and obligations for the customers are also unknown. 

Install iOS and Android app

To improve the experience, it has both android and iOS mobile versions. It recently released the new android version (2.5.8) and iOS version (2.4.0 Test flight). These new versions have Passphrase Red packets and Yearly reports as new features. In addition, the functioning has been improved, and markets, chatrooms, withdrawal, fiat lending, live interface have been upgraded as well as optimized.

You can install the android version from the ‘play store’ and the iOS version from the ‘app store.’ Sometimes, the download process might be hampered by restrictions from a third-party app. Go to the settings and give permission access to the app for its optimal performance.  

Supported currencies

There are quite a lot of currencies supported by But the main currencies which are accepted include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Ripple, Tether, and Ethereum. 

You have to remember that they do not accept fiat currencies. To check if supports the coin or does not follow-

  1. Open the website, click in help> Download> Coin list to get the coins’ info page.
  2. You can search for the coins from the search box, and if they are supported, you will find the relevant information attached to the coin. Supported countries being an old cryptocurrency exchange is supported by most of the countries throughout the world except the countries such as Citizens and residents of Washington state (USA), New work state (USA), Cuba, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Pakistan. It is available in major countries including India, Germany, Sweden, USA, UK, Spain, Russia, and Australia. Fees

The fee segment of is somewhat in the middle in the crypto exchange world. It does not offer the lowest fees like in eToro or Binance but still charges fees below the current market level. They also have a sound discount system. The order size has to be a minimum of $10 in value.

Payment fees: Users can use crypto coins to fund their accounts. The deposit fees are nil, and the withdrawal fee is also meager compared to other cryptos. In general terms, around £20 is the withdrawal fee, not regarding the withdrawal amount. 

Trading fees: Higher trade volumes in few cryptos stands for higher liquidity for the exchange. This also means a lower fee rate for active investors. Nonetheless, the maker fee ranges between 0.2% for VIP 1 to 0.055% for VIP 16, and the taker fee ranges between 0.2% for VIP 1 to 0.065% for VIP 16.

Withdrawal fees: Though it’s not relatively high, a standard blockchain fee is charged for withdrawing money from crypto. The withdrawal fees are mainly depended on which coin you are funding.

Withdrawal and deposit money

How to deposit money

  1. Go to the wallet page on the crypto website and search for the coin you want to deposit. After you click on the deposit button, you will land on the deposit page, where you will see the deposit address and tag if present.
  2. Transfer to that address based on the instruction present. Few confirmations dialog boxes will pop up, and your transaction will be credited after confirming those. It may take up to 12 hours.

Remember that there is no option to buy crypto for fiat deposits.

How to withdrawal money

  1. Go to the wallet page on the website and chose the coin you want to withdraw.
  2. Access the withdrawal page by clicking on the withdraw button.
  3. Next, you have to fill-up the form and submit it. You have to provide a memo/tag/message for some coins as it may be required besides the address. Example, Format- Account name[space]Memo

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of this crypto exchange are: 


  • The market is enormous, like more than 300, and accepts more than 180 cryptocurrencies
  • The initial exchange offering platform is of high quality
  • The mobile app is also very efficient in functioning
  • Spot trading and margin trading are possible with increased 10x leverage
  • The secure exchange rate is high
  • The customer support system is very enhanced
  • KYC verification is not required for trading
  • Higher withdrawal limits for more currencies


  • Fiat deposits absent
  • Exchange is unregulated
  • The core team is not transparent
  • The interface faces disruption and is untidy
  • Beginners take a reasonable amount of time to adjust (Beginners can learn first in testnet)
  • FAQs lack clarity and details

Summary is a platform made for each type of crypto enthusiast. It brings in updates and upgrades with changing times and patterns to cater to its users. The makers continuously track different ways to make the exchange easy to use for traders with different skill levels and expertise. provides a safe trading environment where the exchange is self-regulated. They also claim to be never affected by market manipulation, though the legal status remains unclear. Notably, other than being a crypto exchange, it can also act as a financial trading platform with services like ‘Period Investment Plans,’ which lure customers. Recently, has also launched the NFT platform for its creators, which will provide services like minting, promotion, creation, and auctioning NFTs.