Best crypto influencers 2021

Crypto influencers can be found everywhere, but it can be hard to trust someone over the internet. FaZe clan did a promotion with altcoin Save the Kids that got pumped and dumped earlier this year. Millions of money got lost from investors who invested in the coin.

This leads up to the question – who can you trust and who are the best crypto influencers of 2021?


@theblockchainboy Lucas Dimos is a very respected and good crypto influencer. He is a part of the Cryptoknights. He makes very good educational content and has a good track record of projects he has talked about. You can really learn a lot from him. Here is a link to his theblockchainboys official tiktok account.


Mason Versluis a.k.a @cryptomason loves HBAR, XRP and ETH. He has a YouTube channel with over 40k subscribers. He is also a part of the cryptoknights. Mason creates great educational and fun content and you can learn a lot by watching it.

cryptomasun is one of the best crypto influencers

Bitboy crypto

Ben Armstrong is probably the most recognized face in the crypto space. His YouTube channel has over one million subscribers. He has had massive success ever since investing in blockchain-related projects since 2012. He regularly posts new videos with content and price predictions on his YouTube channel.

Wendy O

Wendy O is one of the absolut best crypto influencers out there. She has her own YouTube show called “The O Show” where she talks about investing strategies, price predictions and things happening within the crypto world and community. She is a great teacher and person, more people should listen and be like her. Wendy talks alot about taking profit and not diamondhanding.

Taylor Mitchell

Taylor is an outstanding content creator with great content and knowledge about cryptos and stocks. She has around 8000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. If you are active on TikTok and get crypto videos in your feed you have definitely seen Taylor.


Dennis Liu is better known as Virtualbacon and can be found on TikTok and Twitter. Dennis is great with technical analysis and has developer experience as he has worked as a blockchain developer himself. He has recently launched his own DAO called BaconDAO.

So who is the best crypto influencer?

The answer is very easy, it’s all of the above. All of these guys and girls have their own take, but they all have one thing in common – they don’t promote any rug pulls or scams. These are solid individuals that deserve to be on this list. Its hard to choose just one. All of these crypto influencers talk about taking profits, paying taxes, and other things that you need to consider in order to become succesful within the crypto-space.