Cardano (Ada)

Cardano is a decentralized blockchain platform that is founded by Charles Hoskinson, who is also the founder of Ethereum.

Cardano (Ada)

Ever since its inception in the year 2015, Cardano has grown massively in popularity in the past few years. The platform is developed by Cardano Foundation, EMURGO and IOHK. 

Its cryptocurrency is termed as Cardano coins represented by ADA. This cryptocurrency has a lot of advantages over traditional money and paper currencies. For example, there is no central government that governs over it. Instead, each local government controls its supply, which is controlled by each of its municipalities. By doing so, the governments can act upon the supply based on their rules and regulations. Additionally, because of the decentralized system, supply cannot be influenced by a few powerful brokers that have control over a large number of regional centers.

Today, people are investing thousands of dollars in Cardano’s cryptocurrency. The reason behind the popularity surge is the simple fact that it provides value to every investor. In addition to this, the cryptocurrency pairs involved, offer a lot of room for arbitrage profit. Arbitrage is purchasing one currency and then selling the opposite at a higher or lower value.

What Makes Cardano Stand Out?

What makes Cardano unique is its underlying technology and method of operation. They are not backed by any physical asset but are issued from the same principles of an automated distributed autonomous system (ASIS). These do not have a pre-mine or central management; rather, these currencies are “mined” at a predetermined rate from the combined efforts of a network of computers all operating in the same way.

The system is programmed with a proof of work (POW), a guarantee that the network will function properly. ADA uses a digital asset that is not linked to any physical commodity – meaning that there are no risks associated with holding this asset. It is a new form of money altogether and is being traded-in much the same way as shares (your shares represent you) on the stock market. This is one reason why Cardano is becoming increasingly popular as more people are recognizing what it offers and how it works.

Proof of Stake Associated with Cardano

Cardano owns a “proof of stake” system. Such a platform produces randomization in the process that generates blocks in the blockchain. Cardano introduced its decentralization system just recently. Till now, it turns out to be the most decentralized blockchain network containing several pools throughout the world. It uses a proof of stake algorithm, Ouroboros.  

Proof of Work Associated with Cardano

The key to what makes Cardano currency unique comes from the proof of work used to back up the coins. The system works by “minting” the coins using what is called “Proof of Work” – this is a digital stamp that is created at a specific point in time which guarantees the circulation of the coin. In addition to this, several other features make Cardano Cryptocurrency special. For example, the supply and demand factor is used to keep the coin stable, which keeps the market price level constant. There is also a set limit above which the coins cannot be manufactured, known as the “minting limit.”

How to Use Cardano?

ADA turns out to be a digital currency, and any user from anywhere in the world can utilize ADA in the form of a secure exchange of value. The best part about using Cardano coins is that you don’t need third-party interference to mediate the exchange procedure. All the ADA transactions are recorded permanently, safely & transparently on the Cardano blockchain platform.

Cardano is not governed by any international body, which means that the supply of the coins is subject to change as each country’s laws change. Since each local government exercises the option to mint new coins, the supply is in constant motion. You can exchange your ADA for any currency of your choice through a trustworthy cryptocurrency platform. Furthermore, Cardano is not tied to any central organization or political entity. 

Problem that Cardano solves

ADA is designed to solve the issue of scalability, sustainability, and interoperability on cryptocurrency platforms. It encourages the faster processing of networks and lowers fees even with the increasing transaction volumes. 

The main purpose of Cardano is to research and “invent” new ways of managing money in the cryptocurrency market. Cardano endeavors to build an open-source ecosystem that will facilitate an enhanced experience for its users.

Cardano is an upcoming autonomous ecosystem that aims to replace the current cryptocurrency trading and money transfer system all over the world. It is an open-source protocol that allows users to experiment and use distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and digital currency. Cardano is a highly efficient system that uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) network instead of the more traditional Proof of Authority (PA) network. Cardano platform is based on several protocols that are fully compliant with the Basel II requirements. With Cardano, investors can build their custom-built asset markets to trade or execute their contracts and trades with other investors.

The Final Say

There are numerous benefits associated with Cardano that make it the perfect alternative to traditional currency systems. First, this novel technology provides a cost-effective and secure way of transferring money from one place to another. Secondly, it provides a highly scalable and stable infrastructure that can provide real-time privacy protection and asset exchange services while keeping expenses at a minimum. Lastly, it provides a highly robust and effective execution environment for its clients.

This economy is the future of currency since there is a huge need for this, the reason being, cryptocurrency is a powerful force in shaping world finance. Due to cryptocurrency technology, digital coins can be transferable across networks without dealing with banks or other financial institutions.


Founded in 2015
Founder(s) Charles Hoskinson
Total Supply 45,000,000,000

Frequently Asked Question

When Did Cardano Platform Launch?

It started development in 2015 and got launched in 2017.

Who is the Founder of Cardano?

It was founded by Charles Hoskinson, who was the co-founder of BitShares & Ethereum.

What is the Ticker Symbol Used for Cardano?

The symbol used for the same is ADA, which is its cryptocurrency.

What is the Total Supply Range Associated with Cardano?

Cardano has attained a supply of 45,000,000,000 including 31,948,309,440.747814 (in circulation).